Transition by Hans-Werner Sahm

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Art Card: Hans-Werner Sahm, Transition

Hans-Werner Sahm, Transition

10,0 × 15,0 cm Art Card
remove border (0,0 × 0,0 cm)
1,90 €
 Gallery Stretcher (18mm height)
 Museum Stretcher (42mm height)
 White border
 Printed on boarder
 Border mirrored
 without coating
 artist thick-film finishing
 10 x 15 cm
 13 x 18 cm
 15 x 21 cm
 14 x 14 cm
 10,5 x 21 cm
 10 x 30 cm
 40 x 60 cm
 50 x 50 cm
 50 x 70 cm
 50 x 100 cm
 60 x 80 cm
 70 x 70 cm
 70 x 100 cm


 Aluminum composite white 3mm



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Article no.: PO024137

Art category: Fantastic Realism

Picture content: Landscapes

Search Words: Act;light, Mountain;gorge;high, Wire

Art Cards

Art cards by Hans-Werner Sahm are postcards depicting artistic motifs. These high quality cards, such as »Transition«, are especially popular with collectors. Greeting cards, on the other hand, are usually sent on special occasions or given away as gifts.