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Glass prints

We deliver great art works of excellent quality in a wide variety of designs. On this page you will find Pictures as Fine Art Reproductions, Photo Prints, stretcher on canvas, framed pictures, glass pictures und wall papers.

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All about Glass prints

Here we show you only a small hand-picked selection of pictures that are particularly suitable as glass pictures. Whether in the kitchen, the bedroom or even in the bathroom; glass pictures captivate with their modern simple design. Please use our various search options, such as navigation via artists or categories, to find your desired picture. If necessary, select the size of the glass picture and, if necessary, determine the cut-out, and your glass picture can be produced by us for you.
Glass pictures are works of art on glass or also engravings in glass. Modern printing methods make it possible to print glass pictures. Glass pictures can be hung as wall pictures without framing and look very modern. Glass pictures are suitable as decoration throughout the house, especially in damp rooms such as the bathroom, as they are water-repellent and easy to clean.

Real glass pictures

Real glass pictures by kunst-für-alle are printed using the UV direct printing process. The glass plate to be printed is first cleaned and sprayed with a primer. The primer creates a rough surface on the glass plate and ensures that the UV ink adheres. After application, the UV ink is directly irradiated with ultraviolet light. The light rays harden the ink on the surface. The art print is created on the back of the glass plate. From the front, it looks as if the print is actually in the glass and the mirror-smooth, shiny glass surface remains. On the back of the glass picture, a suspension is attached, which cannot be seen from the front. The glass edges are ground (chamfered) at a 45-degree angle, which makes the picture very classy.
The modern digital printing process "UV direct printing" makes it possible to print many different motifs and even your own photos in many selectable formats on glass.
The following sizes are available at kunst-für-alle: 50 x 50 cm; 60 x 40 cm; 70 x 50 cm; 70 x 70 cm; 80 x 60 cm; 100 x 50 cm; 100 x 70 cm (in portrait and landscape format).
Real glass has the advantage of being particularly high-quality and durable. It cannot warp (become crooked) during printing and is not susceptible to scratches. Real glass pictures, however, are very heavy and fragile. For large formats, a special protective glass is therefore used that does not shatter when dropped, but "crumbles" in a similar way to a windscreen.

Plexiglass pictures

Plexiglass pictures have the advantage of being light and not so fragile. Transport is easier and hanging is safer. The difference between Plexiglas and real glass cannot be seen at first glance, but Plexiglas scratches more quickly. Plexiglas is a cheaper, deceptively real-looking alternative to glass.
Plexiglas pictures can warp (become crooked) because, unlike real glass, Plexiglas can be bent. Plexiglas pictures are sometimes glued onto another plate (Aludibond plate) so that they remain straight and beautiful for a long time. The edges of the Plexiglas sheets are straight, chamfering (as with glass) is not possible.

Is Plexiglas acrylic glass?

Plexiglass is a special type of acrylic glass, it is particularly high quality and is only manufactured by one company. The term "Plexiglas" is a registered trademark of the company evonik.
Plexiglas also has the basic properties of acrylic glass. Acrylic glass does not shatter, can be flexibly bent and is therefore very resistant/impact-resistant. In contrast to glass, it is light and usually weighs only half as much for the same size and thickness. Acrylic glass is very UV-resistant, which makes it long-lasting.